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Popular online gaming provider Bet 365 is offering a new scheme for its poker players.  The new VIP poker room scheme, is only for the most dedicated visitors to the site, however, so newly signed up players will have to use the normal features of the site for a while before they will be able to qualify.  The VIP poker room has been designed in order to thank the loyal visitors to the Bet 365 poker site.

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Players will be invited to play in the VIP poker room after they have taken part in a certain number of games on the site. The invitation will happen automatically, when a certain amount of money has been deposited. There are four levels to the VIP scheme –bronze, silver, gold and platinum. This ability for players to progress is not found in many online VIP schemes, so it is very likely to make Bet 365 poker even more popular than it already is. Essentially it works on the basis that the more players play, the more points they will receive and the more rewards they will qualify for. Points are given out every time players take part in a tournament, or play with real money in the poker section of the site.

The Diamond Club is updated at the end of every month, so this is when players will find out how many points they have received, and where they are in terms of levels in the scheme. It is at the end of the month that players will find out if they are in the bronze, silver, gold or platinum level. All the points from the times when players have been involved in tournaments or played poker with real money will be taken into account and added up, and this will determine the amount of privileges that they will receive.

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