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Ladbrokes Poker

You can now play an exciting new poker game at Ladbrokes called Survivor. This is a game in the style of freeze-out poker but with subtle differences.

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The objective of Survivor is to maintain your chip stack at a higher level than that of the bottom ten percent of players as, at the end of every round, the bottom ten percent of players are eliminated. These tournaments are played at a very rapid pace and each round is time based so it is necessary to pace your play according to the remaining time.

In order to indicate where each player stands compared with the rest of the field, there are three visible icons that indicate the present status. These are ‘Safe’, ‘Warning’ and ‘Danger’.  Also visible is the chip stack you need in order to avoid being eliminated at the end of the round, an indication of the remaining time, and the number of players that will be eliminated that round.

The status indicators are very important. ‘Safe’ is a full heart icon and it indicates that your chip stack should be sufficient to see you safely to the end of the round without elimination.  The ‘Warning’ icon is a half filled heart and this means that your chip stack is in real danger of being beaten by players with lower chip stacks and putting you into the bottom ten percent, and the ‘Danger’ icon is a skull and cross bones and this means that you are already in the bottom ten percent and that drastic action is needed to avoid elimination.

In order to be successful at Survivor Poker, it is necessary to consider deeply these parameters and how they should affect your mode of play and your risk strategy. Obviously if you are in danger, then you might be willing to take considerably greater risks than if your status is safe.

There are ten Survivor tournaments every day and they are for €2, €5 and €10. These are a great way to spice up your online poker experience.

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