Ladbrokes Launches Survivor Poker

Ladbrokes Poker

Ladbrokes has introduced an innovate new format for some of their poker games; Survivor Poker. The new game format provides an exciting challenge for players, requiring them to raise the bar in a game of survival.

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Survivor Poker functions in a similar way to a  freezeout hold’em mutli-table tournament but you can be eliminated in two different ways. If a player’s stack is in the bottom ten percent of the total players at the end of a round, they are eliminated. All players who lose all their chips will automatically be eliminated as standard.

For players who are confident that they can beat the competition and are looking for a new challenge in online poker, Survivor Poker might be an excellent choice.  As a result of the popularity of this room, Ladbrokes is now offering four games of Survivor Poker instead of two on a Thursday.

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