The Matthew Hilger Interview

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Short-stacked Shamus describes himself as an online poker player with micro and low limits. He recently interviewed Matthew Hilger, the professional poker player from Atlanta, on behalf of Betfair, and these are some of the highlights.

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Hilger has played live poker most of his life but when in 2001 his job took him to Argentina he found that there was no live poker. He had only recently heard about online poker and so started playing it on Planet Poker. He enjoyed it very much from the outset. When he and his wife decided they wanted a two year break from his work and go to New Zealand, he decided that he would earn their living playing poker online. That was precisely what he did.

Over the next couple of years he also wrote a book called “Internet Texas Hold'em” really as a way of passing the time when he wasn’t actually playing. It was published in 2003 just as online poker was really getting going. He sold 2,000 copies over six months and 30,000 over the next year. He followed this up with two more books, “Texas Hold'em Odds and Probabilities” which was published in 2006 and “The Poker Mindset” which was published in 2007 which he co-authored with Ian Taylor. He says of the last one that it will probably still be selling in twenty years time. The books were published by Dimat Enterprises, a publishing company set up by Hilger.

Hilger went on to talk about the book series “Winning Poker Tournaments One Hand at a Time” authored by Eric Lynch, Jon Turner, and Jon Van Fleet. It is the latest Dimat Enterprises publication and is a two volume set which focuses on hands from a single tournament, the first one up to the bubble and the second one is from the bubble to the heads up.

Five more books are in the pipeline for Dimat Enterprises. The next one will be “Peak Performance Poker” by Travis Steffen which is concerns how physical fitness can affect poker ability. This will be followed by “Advanced Pot-Limit Omaha” by Jeff Hwang.

Hilger ended saying that his current plan was to win the WSOP Main Event this year, at least he is hoping for a good run at it.

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