When to Ditch Pocket Kings

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From time to time we bring you the latest musings of some of the top poker players, and one of these whom we frequently refer to is Victoria Coren. The reason is that she has an original approach to the game and is able to get her ideas across in an easily digestible manner. She also seems to practice what she preaches and has a true love of the game.

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This week writing for the Guardian Newspaper she asked the question as to whether you should ever ditch a pair of kings; a question that she answers by referring to players who say that having a pair of kings against a pair of aces is something from which it is impossible to escape.

Victoria disagrees with this perceived wisdom, saying that it is possible to get out of that situation pre-flop and she referred to a hand that she saw at the recent Monte Carlo leg of the EPT.

Matt Perrins had played well and was dominating the table with a million chips. The table was then joined by Kenny Hallaert, also with a million chips. Under the gun Hallaert bet 38,000 which was re-raised to 100,000 by a tight player. Perrins raised it to 220,000 and Hallaert went to 1,000,000. It was not difficult to conclude that Hallaert had pocket aces.

The reasoning is that he had risked his chips against players who were obviously very strong themselves one of whom could match him for chips and was capable of eliminating him from the tournament.

Perrins had not read this at all and he went all in with his pocket kings. Hallaert called and showed his aces. In most circumstances for Perrins not the ditch his kings would have been a fatal error, but on this occasion the Gods of poker were on his side and he collected another king on the board. As they say, poker is a funny game.

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