Supreme Court Nominee A Poker Player

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Online poker players in the US could have a new ally the new Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan.

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President Obama nominated the US solicitor-general, Elena Kagan, for the Supreme Court on Monday and if she were appointed it would mean for the first time there will be three women serving on the nine-member body. Kagan has never been a judge but  she is the former dean for the University of Harvard’s Law program

In an announcement at the White House President Obhama said Ms Kagan "is widely regarded as one of the nation's foremost legal minds" claiming she said she would bring excellence, independence, integrity and passion to the post.

However, it seems that there is more to her than first appears as The Associated Press has described  Kagan as a “poker player.”
While her friend Lis Wiehl told Fox news that "a little known fact: she would have poker parties in her home, bringing together both liberal and conservative minded professors to hash out their differences over a friendly (if competitive) game."

While CBS legal analyst Jan Crawford insisted “her interests reflect her openness. She loves softball and poker” and NBC’s Pete Williams hailed her as an “accomplished poker player, opera lover.
While playing online poker isn't illegal in the US it is illegal to take funds for online poker through the use of a credit card which is funded through American banks.

And Kagan's clear interest in poker has led some experts to speculate about the impact her possible appointment will have on the online gambling industry.

With BodogBeat speculating  that "although poker is beginning to be accepted as another American pastime having a fan in the highest court would be nothing but helpful to make help online poker become an even more accepted card game."

While Gambling 911 reckons that "having a poker player on the USA's highest court could bode well for online poker players in America."
Adding that "if the law banning credit card use for funding online gambling is ever challenged in court in the USA, and the case reaches the Supreme Court, it would certainly be beneficial to have an avid poker fan on the court."

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