Poker Tips for an Action Packed August

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Late summer and early autumn are times when poker blossoms. At this time of the year there is a veritable feast of both live and online events that could keep any poker player occupied more or less permanently. To help you through these action packed times, we though you might like a few hot poker tips.

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Always re-raise when possible – you have a good hand and you have beer re-raised; your best action is to re-raise again so as to increase the size of the pot. If you don’t think you will win, then get out straight away, but you are still in therefore you think you will win, so maximise your profits.

Play every pot that is worthwhile – you can’t win a pot if you are not in it. Don’t play with rubbish, but make sure other players pay to see the flop. Make them fold and take their blinds as more people fold than play.

Go all in on big pots that you have encouraged – by raising and re-raising you have driven the pot to a high level and there is still the river and maybe the turn to go. Now is the time to go all in. It will be tough for your opponents to decide whether or not to call and mostly he or she will fold and you win a huge pot.

Go all-in when you have the biggest stack – especially when you have forced up the pot. This really puts pressure on your opponents and it is a reliable way of intimidating them into making errors of judgement.

Yes – all these tips concern aggressive play, but August is a good time to get aggressive if you intend to win some substantial cash and build up your bankroll.

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