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The Poker Heaven site is perhaps a new addition to the online gaming scene, but this doesn't mean that they are not already in the business of offering up some very impressive promotions, ones which you should expect to find at all the best casino based sites on the net.

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 Take for example the Refer a Friend scheme which is on offer at this site. Though any online gaming website worth its salt will offer up a similar system whereby you can receive bonuses for spreading the word as it were, the deals on offer over at the Poker Heaven site are not only impressive but the kind of deal you might expect to find at a site which is currently looking to make a name for itself. Yes, it's impressive all right.

At the minute, if you happen to be a registered member of the Poker Heaven site and decide to advocate this site to a friend, you will be in line for a whole heap of bonuses and extras, including fifty euros for every single friend you happen to point in the direction of this site. Though my knowledge of exchange rates is not great, this is certainly not a bad amount of cash for simply spreading the word.

You will of course need to be a fully fledged member at the Poker Heaven site in order to take advantage of this fine offer, but that is also a deal which is worth looking into at the minute as new gamers are greeted in a generous style over at this site.

More details can be found over at Poker Heaven, so head on over there today!

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