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There are many who claim that there is no such thing as online poker tells, arguing that as there is no person to person contact and eyeballing it is impossible to make a judgement on what the other person is thinking. Perhaps in relation to live poker this is to an extent true, but there are still ways in which you can capitalise on your observations of how the other player is handling the game.

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Some of the variables that can help you build up a picture of the other person are his or her speed of play; whether or not the player is using any of the poker room’s automatic features such as “call any” or “raise any”; the proportion of hands that they play; their chat box comments or lack of them; whether or not the player waits for the big blind or starts playing immediately; and tells which allow you to mark him down as a beginner.

It is important to keep notes on the players you meet as it is quite likely that you will meet them again. Of course you don’t always have time to do this, but you should record as much information as you are able to without distracting yourself from the actual game.

Poker tracking software has become very popular and although not all poker sites allow its use, a number do. This can be a major benefit in building up a database of online players and the way in which they play.

The overall level of skill that you will encounter when playing poker online can be very daunting (though there will always be beginners too). Many players of the latest generation are better than the professional players of old. To ignore online poker tells is to play at a disadvantage.

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