PartyPoker Launches New Poker Software


PartyPoker this week launched a major upgrade to their online poker software. This included the much heralded anonymous poker tables along with Show a Card and Rabbit Hunting.

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Tables on which the players remain anonymous is a highly controversial innovation, and although some online players welcome it, some are very much opposed. The major criticism is that in real poker one is playing actual people whose identity is known, and when doing so one takes into account previous encounters with them plus the general reputation as a player. Good poker players don’t just play cars, they play people.

However there are also advantages of online anonymity. The major one is that it protects players from data mining software which can provide just too much information on them being gathered and analysed so putting them at a potential disadvantage. The argument is that by allowing players to remain anonymous the level of the playing filed is flattened out.

Show a Card allows a player to show one of his hole cards during play. This is a teasing and possibly intimidatory way to play and is an additional weapon that some players like to use in live games; now they can do on line at PartyPoker.

Rabbit Hunting is already available at some poker rooms. It means that players can see what the next card on the board would have been had it been played. In some ways it is a form of self torture, for instance it might be used in such situations as when a player wonders if he would have won had he not folded his cards. Often it is best not to know, and it is something that many top poker players disapprove of strongly; though of course it might be a useful learning aid for the beginner.

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