William Hill waiting for US decision

William Hill Poker

The past couple of months have seen some tense times for the global gaming industry in general, however, British bookmaker William Hill has reason to be a little more anxious than most. They are currently awaiting a decision which could enable them to enter the United States gambling market...

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Gaming operators around the world have been eagerly keeping tabs on the impending licensing decision, which could prove to be a massively lucrative deal for the UK market leaders.

The wait for the decision has been made almost unbearably tense due to the recent upheaval that has been witnessed in United States online gaming laws. Despite this, many industry insiders are hoping that new regulations could allow William Hill to gain a foothold in the chaotic market. Both casino owners and politicians have backed the implementation of new regulations, which they believe could help to generate vital revenue streams for all those involved in such a decision (including the state and federal government).

Supporters of the movement have suggested that such permissive legislation would enable the online gaming industry to “modernise” itself; this would include reaching out to a younger generation of gamers who may feel out of touch with current gaming efforts.

William Hill Poker will be hoping to capitalise on the gap left in the market, thanks to the fall of providers such as PokerStars and AbsolutePoker, by launching their own exclusive US operation. They are hoping to use their 70 years of experience in the gambling industry to make some headway in the American market.

Both William Hill and their rivals will be awaiting the results of the licensing decision with great anticipation, in situation that is set to shape the future of gaming in the United States.

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