bwin Announce The Deal is Sealed With Gioco Digitale

bwin Poker

bwin has announced that it has finalised its acquisition of online poker company, Gioco Digitale. A leader in online betting and gaming, Austrian company bwin has positioned itself as a leader in the European gambling market.

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The acquisition of Gioco Digitale will allow bwin to become the leader in continental Europe’s largest online gaming market. bwin will now be able to capitalize on the new regulations to be put in place in Italy which are modern, forward thinking and have a positive approach to online gambling.

Having acquired Gioco Digitale, bwin’s market share of the Italian online poker market increased to 25.6% during September 2009. Although this is only a slight growth on August 2009 where their market share was 25.5%, bwin will continue to expand into Europe to be the leader in the field.

The move to European gaming markets comes as a result of a new approach to regulation, where strict regulations are being relaxed and a more liberal approach to online gaming is being adopted.

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