PKR Wins International Gaming Awards Online Poker Operator of the Year

PKR Poker

PKR is the highly innovative online poker site where you can play poker in three dimensions. It uses advanced virtual reality graphics to create advanced poker playing avatars with many of the traits of human players, even assigning them with poker tells.

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The site has now been awarded the 2010 International Gaming Awards Online Poker Operator of the Year award. This award is given in recognition of the online operator which has made the most innovative advances in real money online poker. The committee deciding on the award is made up of journalists, leading industry figures, and sponsors’ representatives. In making its decision it takes many things into consideration. These include originality, scale and growth of the operation, and mechanisms involved in processing, money transfers and marketing. Special consideration is also given to innovative branding and unique selling points that differentiate the operator from the competition.

In its statement, International Gaming Awards indicated that the combination of 3D graphics, the virtual reality game play, along with a new platform for social interaction set PKR aside from the other leading brands, citing , Full Tilt Poker, Poker Stars, Betfair,  Party Poker,, and Ladbrokes.

At the annual International Gaming Awards ceremony which took place in the  Millennium Gloucester Hotel & Conference Centre, London,  Malcolm Graham, the top man at PKR, expressed his honour and delight at receiving the award.

The PKR experience is not for everyone, and there is always a risk that their online environment is just a little too clever; it can be a distraction from serious poker play. However there is no doubt that it offers a novel experience in online game play and if it’s a little poker fun you are seeking then it is definitely worth a try.

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