What’s in a Domain Name? £1 Million if it’s Poker.org

Titan Poker

When domain names were going for a song anyone who had the foresight to purchase one with just the word poker in the title would have made a significant amount of money. Perhaps poker.com was the best of all, put its sibling poker.org was not bad either. In a sale that has broken all records for a .org domain name, poker.org went for $1,000,000.

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The domain was purchased by pokercompany.com and the seller was National A1 Advertising.

The price achieved was five times the previous record for a .org name which was $190,000 achieved by engineering.org, but it comes nowhere near to the all time record for a domain name sale. The record for this is rumoured to be the $14,000,000 that was apparently paid for sex.com, though it is quite possible that his is more internet myth than fact.

Although the more obvious poker domain names might be available no longer, at least not unless you have a serious amount of money so spend on one, many of the less obvious names are still for sale, for instance leisure poker has just gone on sale for $10,000.

Of course, there is far more to developing a viable poker business than paying a fortune for a catchy poker domain name. The top online poker rooms have succeeded in building their businesses by providing their customers with superb websites, excellent software and innovative services. The top sites sponsor players both online and in live tournaments and are affiliated with some of the best international poker players in the world. When it comes to names like FullTiltPoker, PokerStars, TitanPoker and several others, it is apparent that there is far more to it than just a name.

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