Victoria Coren Plays Poker and Listens to Her iPod

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Writing in the Guardian newspaper, Victoria Coren, the doyenne of poker, author journalist and radio show wit, has described her experiences playing poker whilst listening to her iPod.

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This event happened during the Grosvenor UK Poker London leg. She said that she found the experience to be generally helpful.

Victoria says that she is not one of those players who hides in a hoodie or disguises her expression with shades, neither is she one who would plug into an iPod in order to isolate herself from the hustle and bustle of the poker table. Her only defence is her plucky defiant stare.

Where she does find an iPod useful is when the poker is boring because all one gets dealt is rubbish; pocket cards with which it is difficult to play. Of course, difficult does not mean impossible and when the going gets tough it is Victoria who gets going. It is when you play rubbish hands correctly that your poker skills shine through. As she says, the right raise at the right time can pay big bucks.

Her problem at such times is keeping up her spirits and this is where her iPod comes in handy. The challenge is to ward off feelings of envy over players who are getting all the decent cards time and time again. It makes her restless and pessimistic, which is not a good feeling at the poker table.

So what does she play on he iPod to fight off these negative vibes?  Well, it seems that her favourite tune is a nice bit of Beethoven and this is what does it for her. It transports her away from the gloom of bad cards and this time it helped her make the final table. She admits that she switches off the sound while she is playing a hand and describes the dangers of not doing so. You might just mishear the bet.

The Manchester leg of the Grosvenor UK Poker Tour will take place from 21st to the 26th April at the G Casino in Manchester.

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