Poker Tells Reveal Our Attitude to Life

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Melodie Schaefer is the executive director of The Chicago School of Professional Psychology in Los Angeles and Lillian McNeill is a poker player of eleven years standing who plays poker weekly and has competed in tournaments all over the UK. Recently they have put their heads together in order to examine how the ways in which we play poker says about our attitude to finance, and these are their conclusions.

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People who fiddle with their cards continually and rearranged them are generally lacking in confidence. They are likely to be anxious over money. People who do this should change their self image into that of a dealer and deal with all your worries sequentially rather than try to deal with them all at once.

People who just take a quick look at their cards and them leave them untouched on the table are likely to be very confident. They know their intentions from the outset and are in control of their financial situation. To keep themselves ahead of the game they should remind themselves of big pots they have won.

People who keep taking a look at their cards are lacking in confidence that they are doing things correctly and are probably unsure about their finances also. People in this category should try to play poker for fun rather than money until they are able to build confidence in their own decisions. Gradually they can get into the quick glance category described above.

Players who regularly bet on rubbish cards are loosing money at poker and are probably spending too much money elsewhere. They need to reign in both their poker and their general life style. They should imagine scenarios in which they have lost more than they can afford and consider the consequences. That way they can better learn to understand risk and thus improve their game.

According to Schaefer and McNeill the manner we in which play poker reflects the way we live, and, with a little analysis and effort, we can improve on both.

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