Ladbrokes Poker School Promotion

Ladbrokes Poker

Ladbrokes has embarked on a major media promotion of its poker school. Over the coming weeks it will be broadcasting a series of tips to help you improve your game.

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In the initial broadcasts an actor says that playing poker is a doddle, bout playing poker well is more of a challenge. Then he offers three tips: firstly you should take control and bet only on the cards that are good for you to bet on; secondly you must remember that position is important, that ideally you should be the dealer or as close to the right of the dealer as possible so that you act as late as possible; and thirdly that you should pay attention to your cards, if you are not dealt good cards and you wish to play, you had better be very good at bluffing.

Certainly all of this is sound advice, but if you are really serious about improving the way you play the game, Ladbrokes Poker School is definitely worth a visit. The school has as its stars Nick Moran of Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels fame alongside Jon Kalmar, a poker professional. During the lessons Kalmar teaches Moran how to play the game, Texas Hold’em Strategy, Sit N Go play, Multi-table tournaments and Cash Games. The lessons will be broadcast over eight weeks.

As well as the lessons there are a number of video tutorials, articles and podcasts that will help you get the very best out of the lessons. There are even some tournaments attached to the school where you can win great prizes. Also there is a live chat facility where you can get real time answers to your questions.

These lessons are broadcast every Wednesday at 7pm and further details of the broadcasts are available on the Ladbrokes Poker website. Why not help them to help you to become a better poker player?

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