Cereus Poker Network Fixes Security Weakness

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It is now 100% safe to play poker on the Cereus Poker Network as they have at last moved to industry standard SSL encryption. This is a relief to many of the poker players who play on this network and now Cereus can try to woo back the players it lost when the security scare first came to light.

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As we reported some weeks ago, Poker Table Ratings showed that it was possible to view the hole cards of players who were using a wireless network to access the Cereus Poker network. To prove the point, they even posted a video on YouTube of them doing so. The vulnerability was a result of them using an in-house XOR encryption system that was so weak that Poker Table Ratings was able to hack it using just the calculator in Windows.

Once the weakness was exposed, Cereus Poker did what they could to improve their encryption technology and in fact it was no longer possible to hack it as simply as Poker Table Ratings had done, but significant vulnerabilities remained and at the time they announced that it was their long term goal to use Open SSL.

The owner of the Cereus Poker Network, Tokwiro Enterprises, has now issued a statement to announce that the switch to Open SSL has been completed and that all security vulnerabilities have been repaired. It added that their priority was their players and providing them with a secure environment in which to enjoy their game. Their sites will now be subject to external verification tests by third party auditors,

They are keeping the extent that their business was damaged by the issue a closely guarded secret, but based on the criticisms they received on various poker blogs and forums it is apparent that many online poker players took their business elsewhere; it remains to be seen whether or not they will return.

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