Betfair $40K Poker Tournament

Betfair Poker

85 players took part in the Betfair $40K Poker Tournament this Sunday which had a buy in of $500+$10. This is called the HOT tournament as it is played on hot summer nights and takes place every Sunday evening through the summer starting at 7.05 pm.

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There are also daily HOT tournaments with guaranteed prizes ranging from $500 to $12,000.

This tournament has several new features including synchronised breaks. This has been introduced in order to avoid the problem often encountered in multi-table tournaments of the difficulty of taking breaks every hour due to different starting times. The HOT tournaments include five minute breaks that take place at the same time, which is five minutes before the hour regardless of what time the tournament started.

This Sunday, as there were more contestants than required for the guaranteed prize an additional prize of $12,750 was offered for the player who could accumulate 425,000 chips.

When it came to the final table there was a wide spread of chip counts with the chip leader sitting on 123,000 and with the short stack being down to his last 17,000. It was not long before some of the shorter stacked players were eliminated and in the final heads up it was MrdawweTILT with 181,717 chips versus schapp with 243,282.

It was only a few hands before the chip counts became more or less level and it was not much longer before all the chips were in the middle. MrdawweTILT raised the minimum amount and  schapp called. The  flop was 8-C; J-D; 8-D and schapp checked. MrdawweTILT then made a slightly bizarre bet of  8,888 but  schapp  raised 20,500.

MrdawweTILT raised 48,888 and schapp went all in called by MrdawweTILT with A-H; J-H. Schapp showed 9-D; 8-H and he subsequently picked up a 9 on the river handing him the top prize. MrdawweTILT pickes up a second prize of $8,500 as compensation.

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