Ladbrokes Poker School Lessons Now Available Online

Ladbrokes Poker

The full course of Ladbrokes Poker School broadcasts is now available directly on the Ladbrokes website.  These star Nick Moran (Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels) and Jon Kalmar, a Ladbrokes professional player. The lessons are presented in a fun way, but contain a great deal of information and are suitable for new players and provide some advanced tips for those with more experience. The lessons were broadcast live on Poker Radio and viewers could call in and talk directly with Moran and Kalmar.

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If you have missed any of them then you can catch up by logging in to the Ladbrokes Poker website where you can view them. They include a couple of introductory lessons on poker basics, then they look at Texas Hold’em strategy along with the best way to play Sit N Go, Multi Table Tournaments and Cash Games. More advanced topics include Bankroll Management and Advanced Tips.

Texas Hold’em Strategy deals with the basics of control, position and cards. Kalmar  explains how control is taking control of the pot by being aggressive, he then deals with how to modify tactics according to position and demonstrates this with a number of real games, ending with the mantra Control, Position, Cards.  

Advanced Tips provides an insight into several important aspect of the game. These include the danger of over-valuing hold cards. In this Kalmar asks Moran which are the best hole cards and Moran replies two aces. Kalmar then shows two kings, and asks what percentage of times would he expect the aces to beat the kings. When Moran guesses about 60%, Kalmar shows him that in fact the correct answer is 80%. He then goes through a large number of alternative hole cards in a similar manner. Next he deals with the chances of improving hands, calculating pot odds, and calculating numbers of outs.

These are a really great way of brushing up your poker skills and are well worth a look - improve your skills now at Ladbrokes Poker!

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