The Longest Poker game EVER!

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Imagine playing Poker for days on end without sleep and rest, it seems impossible. But that is exactly what Phil Laak has been doing!

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Phil Laak sat down at the World Series of Poker at the Bellagio and did not stop playing Poker until an astonishing 115 hours had passed. As you can imagine he now holds the record for the longest continuous poker game ever.

The time that he aimed to beat was set by Paul Zimbler, a year ago. He managed to play poker for 78 hours and 25 minutes. Laak had said that he aimed to just break this, but as it turned out, he smashed this record! In fact he surpassed this mark by more than a day!

Laak chose to play $10 / $20 No Limit Hold’em for this phenomenal record attempt. This is a lot lower than what he usually plays with but he was wary of busting because of sleep deprivation.

No sleep in 115 hours must have meant he had something keeping him going. However he avoided the conventional Red Bull or coffee and substituted this with nutritionally balanced, energy giving meals. He was permitted a bankable five minute break every hour where he could freshen up. However, on a couple of occasions he went for a jog.

The record attempt was very popular with many watching the games live and even more watching over a live stream. Laak finally cashed in $6,766 in winnings and went straight to bed!

His winnings are going to, a charity that helps provide terminal ill children with days to remember with their families – so it was all for a great cause too.

Laak has achieved way beyond what we expected of him. He, hopefully, will soon be in the Guiness book of records.

Congratulations to him and I cannot wait to see the next person try and beat his 115 hours!!

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