Vanessa Hallebuyck Wins WSOP Ladies Event

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Event 22 proved to be a popular choice amongst the poker playing ladies attending the WSOP in Las Vegas. In fact 1,054 of them took part.

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In fact that statement is not quite true as six of the contestants were not female. For a bet six men also took part which made it only 1,048 ladies. The men, which included a beautifully attired Shaun Deeb (whose frock had been selected by Liv Boeree of EPT San Remo fame), managed to get away with it not because of their drag queen abilities – though it was reported that some of them had looked quite convincing – but the local laws outlaw gender discrimination so the authorities were unable to exclude them. Nobody seemed to mind as it was all in the spirit of fun and none of the men made it to the final table anyway.

The game had been No Limit Texas Hold’em and the buy in was $1,000. In the end it was Vanessa Hellebuyck who collected the first prize of $192,132 and the runner up was Sidsel Boesen who won $118,897. The other lucky final table ladies and their prize monies were Timmi Derosa ($74,389), Allison Whalen ($53,994), Kami Chisholm ($39,860), Holly Hodge ($29,880), La Sengphet ($22,728), Bonnie Overfield ($17,520) and Loren Watterworth ($13,688)

The final heads up lasted for only seven hands and in the end it was Vanessa’s poket fives against the suited ten nine of Boesen that won the day. Boesen went all in to the tune of 358,000 and Vanessa called and the board failed to improve the hand of either player. This was the third major tournament cash for Vanessa.

Not all female poker players had been impressed by the female impersonating contestants and some harsh words have appeared in various poker blogs accusing them of being disrespectful.

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