Korean Poker Hackers Arrested

Police in South Korea have arrested 33 hackers who have been charged with poker fraud.

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Allegedly these hackers have defrauded poker players of  55,000,000 Won in their own currency which is worth $45,265.

The group is supposed to have used 11,000 botnet computers located all over South Korea to access 700 poker rooms. The group was detected by  South Korea’s Cyber Terror Response Center which is located in the Gyeonggi region of the country.

It is alleged that the software they used was called the Netbot Attacker and this had been purchased from a hacker who was located in China. Using this software the group visited many internet cafés and anywhere else where they could access a computer and infected them with a virus.

Once the gang had gained access, it became possible for them to view the hands of poker players who used these machines.

Netbot Attacker is readily available for download on the web. It was developed in China and it provides a basic windows user interface for controlling botnets, for botnet network management and carrying out attacks. Although on screen information is in Chinese, manuals have been translated into English and are readily available for download.

However, online poker players who use poker sites such as party Poker and all the other legitimate poker sites open to European residents need not worry. These sites are fully protected against this kind of cyber attack and use encryption that makes such attacks impossible. Unfortunately this kind of crime is quite commonplace in South Korea.

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