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One of the big excitements of playing online poker is playing for huge cash prizes. Whilst some online poker players still think that they need to spend big if they want to win big, the truth is that some of the largest prizes can be won from very small buy ins, and if you happen to have around $5 or more in your bankroll then you could be playing for a massive $250,000 every single week at William Hill Poker.

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Every Sunday at 19:00 UK time the $250,000 guaranteed tournament takes place at William Hill Poker. If you have the means, you can buy in immediately for $300 + $20. If you can’t really afford to risk that much on one game or would prefer to try and win a piece of that $250,000 prize pool without putting $320 on the line, you can participate in the build up satellite games running throughout the week. Some of these games cost less than $5 to buy in!

If you like the thought of taking the satellite route, bear in mind that the more you pay to buy in to a satellite the fewer you will have to succeed in if you want to win yourself a seat in the main $250,000 event each Sunday. If you pay $5.50 + $0.50 to enter a Sit n Go Stage 2 Satellite, for example, you will need to win that tournament in order to progress to a Stage 1 Satellite Freezeout.

You will then need to perform well in that Stage 1 game to secure your seat in the big event. If, on the other hand, you chose to pay $40 + $4 to buy into the Stage 1 Satellite Freezeout directly then you would eliminate the need for you to play in the cheaper Stage 2.

The satellite opportunities available at William Hill poker are widely ranged, so players can select a route to the main game that they feel suits both their pockets and their competitive instinct. If you’re up for maximum challenge and minimal cost, you should start by buying into the cheapest satellites. On the other hand, if you wish to cut straight to the chase and cost is not an issue you can buy into the most expensive satellite or into the main event. There are many options to be found between these two extremes.

So visit William Hill Poker to register and take on the tournament in whatever way suits you best!

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