Ace on the River by Barry Greenstein

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Ace on the River is a poker book authored by Barry Greenstein and Barry Greenstein has won more money than anybody else in the history of the game, so any poker knowledge that we might be able to glean from him will be worth the effort, and Ace on the River provides many such useful insights.

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This book addresses the skills and expertise that differentiated between the good poker player and the elite poker professionals. It takes a detailed look at such topics as temperament, bankroll management, game selection as well as how to play at the top level of high stakes cash games. The book is well written and is presented in an easily digested style; any one who considers themselves to be a poker player will gain something from reading it and with application should be able to step up at lease one level.

Alongside the text is a large number of photographic illustrations, 200 of them in fact, which provide a virtual tour of casinos and the top poker professionals who play there.

Barry Greenstein is in his mid-fifties and has had a highly successful career as a poker player. He currently lives in California. He has a PhD in mathematics and has studied psychology. He is also extremely philanthropic and has donated significant amounts of the substantial sums he has won at poker to charities, mainly those that help children.

He considers himself to be very laid back and not particularly competitive; a mix that he believes help his game. He has also carried out a detailed analysis of many of the top players and each of these is broken down into ten categories. These are aggressiveness, looseness, short-handed, limit play, no-limit play, tournament play, side games, steam control, results against weak players, and results against strong players.

Ace on the River by Barry Greenstein is definitely worth a read.

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