Victoria Coren Pays Tribute to Annette Obrestad


Ladies are becoming an increasingly powerful force in high stakes poker, and two of the top ones are Victoria Coren, the professional poker player, author and Guardian Newspaper columnist, and Annette Obrestad, the Norwegian phenomenon and the youngest player to ever win a WSOP bracelet.

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In her latest article in the Guardian, Coren writes about who she describes as the amazing Annette Obrestad. She describes two poker hands that included Obrestad and which will be broadcast as part of The Poker Lounge which is a Channel 4 programme. This consists of a set of mini-tournaments with a winner takes all format with a prize of $120,000.

In the first hand Obrestad had J-D; 7-D and she was called by Shannon Shoor who had Q-H; J-H. The flop was Q-D; K-C; 2-D. Obrestad bet once more, and Shoor called the bet. The turn card was an Ace and Obrestad bet again, but this time Shoor folded.

In the next hand Obrestad’s card were an unsuited Jack and 8. Now she finds herself against Robert Williamson who had been dealt a Queen and a Jack. This time the flop also includes a Queen. Again Obrestad bet and Williamson called and again she bet after the turn card and, in similar fashion to the previous hand, Williamson folded.

Coren described Obrestad’s play as power poker. Despite having the losing hand on two successive deals she won the pot. The reason, says Coren, is that these opponents are weak on the flop.

On the next hand Obrestad was dealt a Jack 9 which was the strongest of the three hands however she chose to muck it. It seems that this had been the correct choice as one of her opponents had been dealt pocket Kings. It seems that she has a second sense too.

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