Irish Poker Festival Introduces Blind Man’s Bluff

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The 2010 Irish Winter Festival Tournament, which is sponsored by Paddy Power and which will be held in the Burlington Hotel in Dublin from 22nd  to 25th  October, will include a poker game known as Blind Man’s Bluff. It is anticipated that this will prove to be great fun and will certainly liven things up.

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Blind Man Bluff is alternatively known as Indian Poker. It is somewhat bizarre, as the only hands that a player does not see are his own. After the cards have been dealt each player, without looking at them, attaches them to his or her forehead.

In the simplest version the highest card wins the hand, but there is a variety of alternative versions including one which is similar to Texas Hold’em in which only the hole cards are attached to players’ heads. Sometimes this is just one of the hole cards and sometimes it is both. There are also a number of stud poker variants.

The Blind Man’s Bluff tournament at the Irish Poker Festival will have a buy in of €100 though as yet the precise form of the game has not been announced.

Other events at the festival include on Fri 22nd Oct    Irish Masters Super Satellite rebuy with a buy in of  €165; on Sat 23rd Oct Day 1 of the Main Event which is a No Limit Hold’em Freezeout with a buy in of  €1650 along with  Freezeout with a €220 buy in; on Sun 24th Oct there is Day 2 of the main event along with another Freezeout with a buy in of  €550. The Blind Mans Bluff World Championship will also be held on that day. On Mon 25th Oct there is Day 3 of the main event along with two additional Freezeouts and the Irish Mythical Championship    which has a buy in of €110.

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