Poker King Jeff Sarwer’s Lost Years

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When he was 8 years old he was already a chess champion but his life was dominated by an overbearing father and he vanished into his clutches. Eventually Sarwer resurfaced as a top poker player. Through a startling report by the leading journalist Howard Swain, Sarwer has now revealed the secrets of those lost years.

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When he was 8 Jeff was a leading chess celebrity, but suddenly he vanished from the public eye. His father was reported to have abused and forced him and his sister into extreme tortures whist denying them basic comforts. As a result both of the children were put into care and their father was forbidden to see them.

Twenty years later Jeff appeared on the poker circuit as an unknown but was immediately successful soon winning hundreds of thousand of Euros. He had been living with a variety of identities all over the world.

His mother had been a leading violinist and his father was extremely intelligent. Between them they conducted an experiment to turn their children into geniuses who could stand out in any field. Every mistake they made was punished with physical violence including simulated drowning. Jeff was so good at chess that his father grew jealous of offers to train him by others.

The children escaped from care and rejoined their father to whom they remained loyal. They lived in Montreal and then in Holland. Julia, his sister became known as Crystal and he was called Rad. As the children grew older the control of their father diminished and eventually he became very depressed and the bond between the three of them was broken.

Jeff never wanted to be a victim, and he is now enjoying tremendous success in poker. His story is currently being turned into a movie.

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