Betfred Ladies Poker Tour Won by Raine Hilson

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The latest leg of the Betfred Ladies Poker Tour which was being held in Maidenhead has come to a close and the victor was Raine Hilson.

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This win means that she will compete in the Grand Final and she has collected the top prize of £2,230 which although modest compared to some of the poker prizes we tend to see in modern times, is not insubstantial; certainly Raine was very pleased to win it. She said that she had been so happy to win and added that she had been bragging to her friends how good she was at poker so now she had been able to prove it.

It is not Raine’s first success on the tour either; two years ago she finished in third place on the Birmingham leg.

Sixty three ladies started the tournament and Raine got off to an excellent start which, she said, had helped build her confidence. Her very first hand was a pair of Kings and this immediately gave her the feeling that the tournament was hers for the taking.

She also said that she had received another omen of good luck and this came in the form of her iPod. She put on random play and the first song it came up with was She’s The One by Robbie Williams. Exactly the same thing happened on the previous occasion of her winning big.

Other finalists so far are Helena Brett, Louise Atkinson and Diane Amber. The final will take place on 20th November though before then there remains another six legs to play.

You can qualify for the coming legs directly at Betfred Poker – ladies only of course.

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