Tony G Beats Daniel Negreanu and Phil Hellmuth in the Big Game


Tony G has been describing how he destroyed both Daniel Negreanu and Phil Hellmuth in the Big Game, which is a televised poker show from Las Vegas. Of course, Tony G is never short of words when it comes to the hyperbole.

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In his blog, Tony G refers to Hellmuth as “The Poker Brat” and says that he destroyed him. He said that Ivey made a remarkable confession and that he wondered if  he could live with him any more. He found it magical when Ivey gathered up his chips and set off for home.

Tony G had certainly been in the money and his pile of cash at one time exceeded a million dollars.

He went on to say that he had ruthlessly despatched every top professional dismembering them slowly; first their soul, then their heart and finally their spinal column. Of course he also separated them from their money.

He refers to Daniel Negreanu as the bike thief and said that for him it had been bike time. It also seems that G is sweet on a girl called Elizabeth whom he describes as a loose cannon. He says he guided her through the tournament and also through the party that took place afterwards.

Something, however, did think about taking a bite out of Tony; he describes how he was attacked by a German Shepherd guard dog belonging to Steve Wynn. No doubt the dog though about it first and decided that Tony G might taste too bitter.

G said that he is really looking forward to the World Poker Tour London Classic along with the Party Poker Open.

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