World Poker Tour Legends of Poker Update


The final table of the Legends of Poker World Poker Tour has been decided, and what a final table it is. In the lead is  Andrew Frankenberger  with 3,015,000 chips and next is Tom Lee with  2,915,000. Very close to Lee is Kyle Wilson with 2,854,000 chips and who is followed by Jared Jaffee with 1,006,000, Tom Braband with 968,000 and the last of the six is Franco Brunetti with 800,000.

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On Tuesday a total of fifteen players took to the tables who were gradually whittled down to the final sixth. Leaving on the final table bubble was Steve Reitzfeld who collected the seventh place prize of $45,000. In his final hand he was all in against Tom Lee for 260,000 with an Ace and a Seven of spades and a flop of 5-S, 4-H, 3-D. Lee had pocket nines and the turn and river did nothing for either player.

Wade Woelfel had been eliminated in eight place and had collected $35,000. He had poket tens against Tom Lees pocket Queens. The board provided nothing to either player.

John Smith was eliminated in ninth Place  and collected $29,000. He was all in for 235,000 with pocket threes against Jared Jaffee who had K-C; J-H. Jaffee hit another Jack on the river and Smith walked away.

Previously Hoan Ly had been eliminated in 10th Place an had collected $24,000 as compensation. Ly was all in for 220,000 with Queen Ten against Frankenberger’s Ace Queen; the ace held Frankenberger, with pocket aces, had previously eliminated Tyler Cornell in eleventh place who had Ace Eight.

The winner of this no limit Hold’em tournament which had a buy in of $5,000 will win $750,000. The action is taking place in the Bicycle Casino in Los Angeles California and is considered to be the most prestigious tournament on the WPT calendar.

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