How to Play Aggressive Poker

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With the London Poker Festival just round the corner, and the fact that nowadays it seems that the more aggressive players take on tournaments, here are a few tips on how to play poker aggressively.

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We all watch some of the top poker players taking very aggressive positions in their Hold’em play, and although we ordinary poker players may try to emulate them, more often than not it doesn’t work out too well. The problem is that the aggressive novice is easily seen through and often taken to the cleaners by the better players.

To play aggressively you should play lots of hands and bet big, this does not mean that you should play every hand like that, but your bets should be big consistently. You should aim to bet a minimum of three to five times the big blind. Checking is forbidden as is calling; checking and calling is, like breakfast, for wimps. If you don’t like your cards then you should fold them rather than limp along. This strategy will also save you having to spend mental energy working out the size of your bets.

Once you are playing a hand, continue to play it. It is pointless starting off aggressively only to fold when you worry that things might not be going your way. Stay in for the kill – it will pay off most of the time if you are aggressive enough.

In order to play like the above you will need to take care on which hands to play. If you do not think you are sufficiently strong, then don’t play.  Make up your mind in advance regarding which cards you will play and stick to your strategy.

Once you develop a reputation as an aggressive player you will find that the rest of the table will treat you with greater respect.

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