Top Poker Players Unite over Commerce Casino’s Position on Online Gambling

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Many of the top ranking professional poker players along around 45,000

of amateur players have delivered a petition to the Commerce Casino in

Las Vegas in an attempt to persuade its management to change their

stance on online gambling in the USA.

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Commerce Casino along with many other bricks and mortar casinos in the USA are against the government repealing the current gambling laws which effectively ban online poker and online gambling. This amazingly hypocritical attitude is born entirely out of their own commercial interests. Their belief is that if online gambling is permitted, then their businesses will suffer.

The law that currently bans online gambling is the Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act (UIGEA), and an alternative bill has been drafted with the intention of regulating rather than banning it. The bill includes poker and casino games, but still prohibits sports betting online. The new bill is, to give it its full title, the Internet Gambling Regulation, Consumer Protection, and Enforcement Act and has the full backing of the online poker community.

The most active casino voice speaking against the new bill is Tom Malkasian who heads the Commerce Casino Strategic Planning Department. At a recent hearing regarding the bill he said ““I must testify in strong opposition to HR2267 (the official designation of the bill) and urge Member of the Committee to vote against it, barring numerous and significant changes.”

The petition was organised by The Poker Players Alliance (PPA) and is called “Players Before Profits.”

It is argued that the casinos are shooting themselves in the foot, for as has been seen in Europe online poker merely increases the size of the poker playing community and allows poker players to hone their skills. These new players are far more likely to make use of real casinos than they would have done otherwise.

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