Double Hold’em Poker on Party Poker


One of the top poker sites, Party Poker has announced a brand new poker game which is now available online called Double Hold’em Poker. The game had been on the site as a Beta for some weeks, presumably to iron out any flaws, but it has now been announced officially. For people unaccustomed to this novel game it is possible to get used to it with a play money version before risking any of your real money bankroll.

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Double Hold’em Poker was cleverly devised by Mark Gross and Zvi Lando who are from Table Brain. The game takes place in four rounds. Firstly everybody is dealt three hole cards rather than the two in normal Hold’em. Next there is a pre-flop betting round followed by a normal flop of three community cards.

Players then place their cards on the table in the formation of a “V”. The card at the bottom of the V plays with each of the other cards and the table but the other two cards are completely separate. This means that each player has two poker hands.

Another round of betting follows followed by another community card (the turn), another betting round, then the final community card (the river) followed by the final betting round just as in regular Hold’em.

If the game goes to a showdown, then the winner is the person with the best single poker hand.

Double Hold’em generates far more playable hands than does conventional Hold’em. It also provides a number of different challenges, particularly a complete reappraisal of poker probabilities. For instance, whilst in conventional Hold’em there are 1,326 possible hole card combinations, in Double Hold’em there are a massive 22,100.

The inventors first created it several years ago, but it needed some optimisation before it could be launched by a major poker site.

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