The Regional Championship of Online Poker

Poker Stars

Following on from the World Championship of Online Poker 2010, which awarded the biggest poker prize of the year second only to the WSOP Main Event, PokerStars has announced The Regional Championships of Online Poker. This is a new innovation in which the world has been subdivided into thirteen regions. These are US, Canada, UK and Ireland, Baltic, Nordic, Russia, Germany, Benelux, Iberian, Central and Eastern European, Mediterranean, Latin American and Asia Pacific zones.

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Tournaments will take place in each region, each consisting of eleven events. The total prize pool is $7 million. The UK and Ireland tournament will take place between 5th and the 12th December with a guaranteed prize pool of $512,500.  This compares to the US region where the tournament runs from 21st to 28th November with a prize pool of $3.25 million.

Poker stars are currently running a $600 first deposit bonus plus a number of additional promotions. Some of these are the Lucky Grump Series where you can play against the Team Online professionals and win cash bounties; the Lucky Grump High Rollers with a $55 buy in, and extra $500 in the prize pool and a $250 bounty; Poker Stars Women with a number of promotions and events exclusively for female poker players; the Million Dollar Challenge where you can get to play live on TV against some of the leading professionals.

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