Three Days of Halloween Themed Poker Fun at Betsson

Betsson Poker

Betsson Poker are about to launch three days worth of special Halloween themed poker entertainment, landing on the 29th, the 30th and indeed Halloween itself, the 31st of October.

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These games are, as you might expect from any game which takes place at the Betsson site, very hotly anticipated, as not only will they offer up something a little different in terms of theme, but the potential winnings are also pretty exciting, which is why gamers will need to fork out the entry fee of $5.50, but once you are in, then the games can begin.

What's more, these games have a special added bonus. Gamers who take part can win themselves extra goodies, simply by beating Betsson team players. These members of the Betsson squad will be taking part in the Halloween party extravaganza and can be spotted by their names, and, should you have the skills to knock one of these insiders from the game, you will then be rewarded with some additional goodies making for a seriously competitive, yet still highly entertaining three nights of poker action.

As is standard practice, there is only stipulation (aside from the entry fee) for gamers who wish to get in on the Halloween themed action; membership. Gamers who wish to enter this tournament need to ensure that they are fully fledged and paid up members of the Betsson product, which is in itself something of a rewarding enterprise. To find out more about the kind of deals which await new gamers at the Betsson Poker site, and to discover the terms and conditions which come with this special Halloween themed selection of games, why not nip on over to the Betsson Poker site today? If you're a fan of scary fun, with a competitive edge, this is the site for you this month.

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