Full Tilt Poker Cracks Down on Poker Bots

Full Tilt Poker

Full tilt poker dislikes its customers using poker bots on its site and several players who have been caught doing so have received a ban and have had their accounts closed and any funds in them confiscated.

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Any players who have lost money to other players who have used bots to win it will have all their losses refunded. It seems that the bots that were used were produced by Shanky Technology, who themselves have apologised to customers who purchased their software.

It seems that up until recently Full Tilt has accepted the use of these bots, and that the sudden clampdown was unexpected. It seems that problems started a few months ago when Pokerstars found that there had been a ring of players involved in using bots against some other players.

Shanky Technologies produce a large range of poker bots including Hold’em, Omaha, and blackjack. The poker bots are able to handle multiple tables and offer full automatic playing. It is claimed that they can play at a professional level. They are readily programmed to match specific player profiles and their objective is to exploit weak competitors in cash games and winning cash in tournaments whilst being completely unattended.

Full Tilt Poker announced their actions in an email sent out to all their customers. It said that the site was improving its general security and confirmed that it had found a number of users had been using bots which was against the site’s terms and conditions.

Poker bots have nothing to do with playing poker and their only real purpose is to steal money from unsuspecting players. We fully endorse the actions of Full Tilt Poker and hope that we will see all poker sites follow suit.


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