Take on the Pros at Sky Poker and Reap the Rewards.

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Playing every night of the working week, apart from Thursday, gamers who happen to think of their poker skills as being pretty impressive can take on a real professional in the form of Tikay, the resident in house poker legend over at the Sky Poker website. Of course, as this may well sound like something of a challenge, there are many perks to help convince gamers that getting in on the action is worthwhile.

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These 'Take on Tikay' Tournaments as they are known kick off at 8.30 pm on the specified nights and, should a gamer actually manage to beat this very gifted individual, they will find themselves rewarded rather fervently for their efforts. Still, as it states on the Sky Poker website, this won't be a walk in the park, so it's best to ensure that your skills are up to scratch.
To find out more about this very interesting and indeed, challenging promotion, pop on over to the Sky Poker website for further information. Details can be found under the promotions tab of the Sky Poker homepage and, other than making sure that you have fully read and understood these terms and conditions, there is little left to do other than practice.

Of course, only gamers who are currently in possession of a full and up to date membership over at the Sky Poker website can enjoy the perks of these 'Take on Tikay' tournaments. Having said that, there are many perks to simply getting in on the action over at the Sky Bingo site at the minute. Gamers who sign up to this fine website will see their efforts rewarded many times over, so it's definitely worth becoming a member of at the http://skypoker.com site, even if you don't fancy taking on the likes of Tikay at Poker.

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