VIP Deals and Recent Winners at Boyle Poker.


The team behind the scenes over at the Boyle Poker site have been intending to hog the headlines this week, as there is news emanating from the popular gaming website, not only of a very pleasing new VIP scheme, but also a huge win, one which will have seen the life of one gamer changed for the better.

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Yes, Boyle Poker is very much a hot site at the minute, and this latest promo and big money win simply go to illustrate that gamers who are currently seeking a new site at which to play their online casino and poker games could do much worse than check out the goings on over at this up and coming site.
For starters, this new VIP scheme will see your loyalty recognised in some style as gamers can now enjoy cash rewards for their hard work and dedication to the Boyle Poker cause. Most sites limit their bonuses to points, which (and this is very popular in the online bingo community) can later be exchanged for goodies such as tickets for games and the like. At Boyle Poker, however, these bonuses lead to cash, which means that gamers can essentially earn back some of their cash simply by playing.
In addition to this wonderful new deal, there has been something of a landmark victory over at the Boyle Poker site of late. The lucky gamer John Gray last week claimed a life changing amount of 50,000 euros! A magnificent win indeed and all of us here at would like to pass on our congratulations. To find out more about the other lucky gamers who won big last week, and to check the terms and conditions of this new VIP scheme, visit the Boyle Poker site today.

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