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PKR Poker are currently offering gamers the chance to win from the outset, thanks in no small part to a very impressive new promotion, which allows those who download the PKR Poker software to win a prize for doing simply that, getting involved.

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The PKR Poker name will no doubt be familiar to most of you gamers already, thanks in no small part to their TV campaigns which have been running for some time and give gamers a glimpse of the sheer magnitude of their software and the all round gaming experience that you can expect to enjoy at the PKR Poker site. However, clearly not satisfied with the members who are already part of the PKR Poker family, this new promotion will see the team behind the scenes at PKR dolling out prizes to even more players than ever before.
This guaranteed prize giveaway is available to gamers who find themselves downloading the PKR Poker software for the first time and has already been met with a positive response from new gamers across the board, particularly as some of these potential prizes are very much worth winning. However, there is much more going on over at the PKR Poker site than this fine promo, as the promotions page over at the site can confirm.
Players can also look forward to enjoying one of the best loyalty programmes on the web over at the PKR Poker site, with points being handed out left right and centre to gamers who are willing to get in on the action. To find out more about these current deals and more, pop on over to the PKR Poker site today where all the terms and conditions are handily available.

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