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There are few places you can play poker online that also give you the opportunity to get involved with all the glitz and glamour of the world of showbiz; Sky Poker are one of these few online poker providers who  give their customers the chance to get on TV, with their 'Play the Presenter' promotion,

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Sky Poker are giving their customers the chance to pit their wits against some of Sky's finest analysts and presenters, who will be frequently playing amongst the Sky Poker cash and tournament tables.

All you have to do in order to get involved is simply play those tables on the right dates, at the right times, and you too can take on the famous faces of Sky Poker.

Play the Presenter runs periodically from Monday to Sunday at 7pm, with Tony Kendal and Richard Orford (who's Sky Poker aliases are Tikay10 and RichOrford) becoming the latest famous Sky Poker faces available to try your luck against.

Some of the presenters and analysts games are shown on Sky's own TV channel, giving customers a unique, easy and exciting way to be part of broadcast magic. Sky Poker are true pioneers of uniting different media, bridging the long-standing gap between the internet and television.

Sky Poker also list their upcoming TV schedule on their website,; which features poker school, poker clinic and a whole host of exciting games and tournaments.

If you are aware of the exact presenter you want to take one, the best thing to do is use Sky Poker's innovative 'Find a Player' function. This allows all Sky Poker customers to search through the community of players, in order to track down anybody who they may have taken a few chips from or lost a hand to while playing.

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