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Sky Poker are one of the few online poker rooms that strive to achieve a good rapport with their customers; they achieve a real sense of community on their website through many innovative ideas, however, one of the most intriguing is through their 'Take on Team Sky Poker' promotions...

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Sky Poker are certainly leading the charge in terms of being an online poker provider who isn't afraid to mix it up and get involved with the players who make their poker rooms such a success.

The most exciting aspect of Team Sky Poker is that it gives regular players at their poker rooms the chance to become a professional member of the team. This is done through a qualification period to determine the best players on the site, giving the top 30 players from any skill set the opportunity to play their way onto Team Sky Poker. Players will be selected from the 'cream of the crop' from varying poker disciplines, including: a Cash player, an MTT player and a Sit & Go player.

Once a player has secured their place in the team, they will have the chance to impress Team Sky Poker with their skills to retain their position. Sky Poker promises that they will be introducing at least three new players to Team Sky Poker each and every quarter, regardless of the current amount of players on the team, giving everybody something to strive for at the felt...

For those who have been slighted in their attempts to attain an illustrious position on Team Sky Poker, there is an opportunity to take on Team Sky Poker manager Tony “Tikay” Kendall during one of this exclusive tournaments. The 'Take on Tikay' tournaments are constructed to the exact specifications of the man himself, and will give players the chance to get the best of Tikay at 8.30pm every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

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