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Sky are well known for being a gaming brand that pays particular attention to their customer service, in-keeping with this tradition, Sky Poker have listened to the cries of their loyal customers and announced the launch of their much anticipated 'Sky Poker Priority Club'.

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The Sky Poker Priority Club is Sky Poker's take on a VIP scheme, which gives their players a chance to earn extra rewards...

Becoming a member of the Sky Poker Priority Club is a relatively easy affair; all a player needs to do in order to qualify is earn a total of 10,000 Poker Points in a single calendar month; by doing this, players will be eligible to gain entry in Sky Poker's Priority Club.

So what does being a member of the Sky Poker Priority Club mean for Sky Poker customers? Essentially, it provides Sky's most loyal customers the chance to participate in exclusive competitions, promotions, special offers and the opportunity to join in with Sky on a number of their Sky Poker Tour events which are held at various points throughout the year.

Being a member of the Sky Poker Priority Club also brings a few other benefits and perks – there is an exclusive 'Cash for Points Boost', which provides members with a 25% cash for points boost for every single month that they are a Priority Club Member. Priority club members also have the chance to directly buy-in into any Sky Poker Tour Event by getting in contact with their Sky Poker account manager (this is also a perk of having priority membership!).

Sky Poker Priority Club members will also receive exclusive access to top poker tournaments around the world, as well as competitions to win the latest gadgets, cash prizes and holidays. It pays to be a priority member at Sky Poker.

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