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Ever-popular Irish bookmakers Paddy Power pay homage to an eighties classic, as they give their Paddy Power Poker customers a chance to bag themselves some goodies and take on 'The B Team'...

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The promotions manager at Paddy Power Poker clearly spent a lot of time in front of a television watching the infamous mercenaries of 'The A Team' right wrongs all over America, and generally blow things up. Here's what Paddy Power Poker have to say about the promotion: “We love a bit of adventure here at Paddy Towers and we are now introducing THE one, THE only..  B Team!”

In a nutshell, Paddy Power Poker are giving their customers the chance to compete in a Bounty Hunter Texas Hold'em tournament every single Tuesday at 8.15pm. During this game, players will have the opportunity to collect bounties on the heads of three resident Paddy Power Poker players (NutsPauly, Zevilaf and TheSpanishBull), with one guest bounty player featuring in every game to make up a reasonable four in total.

There is a cool $50 bounty on the head of each of the our players, giving Paddy Power Poker customers who are involved in the game the chance to earn up to a total of $200 a game. All players have to do is get the better of a member of the B Team, then inform Paddy Power Poker's online support about who they have managed to hunt down. After 24 hours the bounty for that particular B Team member should be sitting in the customer's account...

Players can also become an honorary member of the B Team for the night by knocking out the current Guest Bounty, this will also earn players a free guest seat in the next of Paddy Power Poker's B Team Bounty Specials.

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