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Popular bookmaker Victor Chandler have laid down the gauntlet for their Victor Chandler Poker customers by promising a regal reward to any player who manages hit the ever-elusive Royal Flush...

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Players who do achieve a hand of Ace, King, Queen, Jack and Ten of the same suit will be royally rewarded with a prize of no less than fifty times the small blind of the table that they hit the Royal Flush on. All players have to do in order to claim their prize is email the friendly support staff at Victor Chandler Poker to inform them of your achievement. Once verified, you can look forward to a royal sum appearing in your poker account.

Victor Chandler Poker are gaining some notoriety amongst the online poker fraternity for their innovative and unique take on promotions; to continue in this vein, they are rewarding players for their bad luck with their 'Bad Beat Bonanza' promotion.

Victor Chandler Poker promise to give a player's next bad beat story a happy ending by giving them a fortune; if you lose with a hand of Aces full of Kings (or better) during any Texas Hold'em real money ring game, then they will help you get over the loss by providing a bonus cash payment, which will be a whopping one hundred times the value of the small blind at the table where the bad luck occurred!

Again, all players have to do in order to claim the prize is email support staff at Victor Chandler Poker to inform them of your recent bad luck, in order for them to promptly turn it around.

There are tonnes of monthly promotions at Victor Chandler, details of which can be accessed at the promotions section of their poker website, including their welcoming bonus and Sit'N'Go leaderboards.

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