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With so many online poker rooms promising so much from the use of their services, it can seem like whoever shouts the loudest gets heard. In this environment, some quality providers can overlooked. One such provider is Bodog Poker, who offer a quality service with some excellent promotional offers...

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As well as the usual 100% welcoming bonuses on customers deposits, there are also cheeky little promotions that help players feel like they can earn themselves a little more, such as exclusive access to their Sunday $100k Guaranteed tournaments (with no less than six bites at the cherry!).

Bodog Poker is a poker room that has some exceptionally lucrative rewards for their regular customers, and their 'Double Poker Bonus Points' promotion is a perfect example of this. The title is fairly implicit, but all a Bodog Poker player needs to do is earn a total of 2000 poker points in one month for that total to be doubled by Bodog Poker.

There are also rewards for both the lucky and the unlucky at Bodog Poker, thanks to their 'Bad Beat Bonus' and 'Royal Flush Bonus'. Bodog Poker promises to “take the sting” out of a bad beat by paying out a maximum of $1,000 to players who are beaten when holding a hand of a Full House of Aces and Kings or better.

The payout is based on 100x the big blind of the table the bad luck was experienced at. At the other end of the luck spectrum, there is also a bonus paid out for those players who are lucky enough to obtain the elusive Royal Flush. Players can expect 50x the big blind of the table they obtained the Royal Flush at, with a payout of a maximum of $200.

It's surely cannot be too long until the rest of the poker community catches on to the great offers available at Bodog Poker...

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