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There's a multitude of great promotions on at BetFred Poker, including the exclusive opportunity to bag yourself some top-class bragging rights by becoming the 'Don of Don's'...

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The intriguing Don of Don's promotion is aimed at those BetFred Poker players who enjoy frequenting the Double Up Sit'N'Go tournaments; players simply have to participate in as many of these games as they can, at any stake (high or low), in order to amass points which will then be kept track of using a leader-board type system.

There will be a weekly leader-board available for viewing at BetFred Poker's competitions section, while winners of the Don of Don's competition will be calculated at the end of February.

Unlike most online poker providers, BetFred Poker have gone through the trouble of providing the odds of poker's most elusive hand being dealt: the Royal Flush. BetFred work out that there is a probability of 649,731/1. With the sheer amount of online poker being played at BetFred Poker (after-all, just think of the amount of hands dealt per game, then multiply that by the amount of games being played at one time, then multiply that by the amount of games per day, and so on...) then the odds of someone hitting that hand doesn't seem as improbable as it once might have.

Luckily, BetFred Poker are offering a superb prize for the lucky recipient of the Royal Flush; to help celebrate the achievement, BetFred Poker are will issue a prize of 100x the big blind at the table the winning hand was dealt. This could see one lucky BetFred Poker player earning themselves a bonus of $1,000, as well as right to say that they have finally been gifted that most sought-after of poker hands...

With their Daily Magic Number Freeroll and excellent welcoming bonus also still on the cards, BetFred Poker is currently one of poker's hottest spots.

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