'King of the Felt' at Bodog Poker

Bodog Poker

Bodog Poker are challenging their customers to become the 'King of the Felt' at their poker rooms, where making sure you keep your crown can earn you a substantial cash reward...

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To qualify for Bodog Poker's King of the Felt tournament, players simply have to place (be paid out) in at least three Sit and Go Tournaments in a single week; this will earn a ticket into a weekly draw (the tickets stack on top of one another; so, the more Sit and Go Tournaments that you win, the better your chances in the draw itself).

The winner of the draw will play the reigning King in a heads up match with a huge prize to be won of $1,000 (and the King of the Felt crown, of course!). There's a massive incentive to stay at the top of the pile, as the $1,000 is rewarded for every victory; a five-week winning streak earns a bonus of $2,500, while a 10-week streak earns players the chance to compete for a seat at the 2011 World Series of Poker (and what poker player worth their salt doesn't want that?).

In order to make the title worth winning, Bodog Poker have made sure that an unjust ruler doesn't get to hold the crown by excluding Heads Up, Beginner tournaments or Double Up tournaments from their list of suitable qualifying Sit and Go's (fortunately, that still leaves the rest of their 6 to 45 man Sit and Go tournaments).

It's worth remembering that if you are lucky enough to be drawn, and make it as far as challenging the current King of the Felt: you have to be seated at the table within fifteen minutes of the start of the game (the same goes for the current King), otherwise the title will be automatically defaulted to whoever is seated on time!

Why not try your chances at becoming the King of the felt over at Bodog Poker today?

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