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Online poker giant Poker Stars are all in a flutter, after having introduced 'Home Games' to the industry; they claim that it is the biggest thing to happen to the world of online poker in years – but what exactly is all the fuss about?

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Home Games, in a nutshell, allows a Poker Stars customer to make their own poker club for just themselves and a select group of friends. Players within in the club can arrange their own private poker games whenever they want. Home Games are free to use and extremely simple to get going. All that's required is to download the Poker Stars software, then create or join a poker club; then 'hey presto', you can play your own Home Games with your friends.

The Home Games club also allows players and their friends access to a member list and Club Standings and Player Statistics, as well as a Full Schedule, Tournament Results and Club Options. If one of your friends can't make it to a scheduled game, it's no problem; Poker Stars Home Games provides automated notices for games, results and cancellations.

To celebrate the launch of the Home Games system, Poker Stars have pulled out all of the stops and are giving their customers the chance to play with the professionals. Players can win themselves (and their newly created poker club) a pro of their very own, who will play in a regular online game; Poker Stars will also throw in a cool $1,000 into the prize pool!

All that's required to stand a chance of this truly exceptional prize is to create a poker club with a minimum of eight players, then the manager of the poker club will participate in a weekly freeroll where the winner earns their club a chance to play against one of the Poker Stars professional (and don't forget that potential $1,000 prize!).

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