Fox Poker Club joins forces with Asian Poker Tour

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The Asian Poker Tour is one of the biggest events on the international poker calendar; now there is even more of a buzz surrounding this prestigious event, as the Fox Poker Club collaborates with the Asian Poker Tour.

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Quality of play and poker players who are constantly pushing the boundaries of the game have become synonymous with the Asian Poker Tour; this has made it one of the most eagerly awaited events in the eyes of any poker player.

Last year saw crowds were spectacularly entertained in Macau and Cebu during the 2010 APT; the 2010 APT promises to be equally exciting, with the APT Philippines set to get underway in March(between March 28th and April 3rd). Players who are planning to attend this stunning event also have yet another reason to turn their excitement up a notch: the tournament will be taking place in the Resorts World Manila, which is one of the most scenic places imaginable to host a top-class poker experience.

Now there is even more buzz surrounding the event, as the APT joins forces with one of poker's most-loved brands, Fox Poker Club. So what does this mean for poker enthusiasts? Essentially, there will be more chances for players to get themselves to the Philippines to take part in the APT! There will be daily sit'n'go qualifiers held, as well as scheduled tournaments such as the Super Satellite qualifier due for March 8th.

With the countdown to the 2011 APT already well and truly underway, many players will be grateful for the opportunity that is being provided by the uniting of Fox Poker Club and the APT. One thing is for certain: a great many more die-hard poker players will be able to look back at the 2011 Philippines APT and say; “I was there”.

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